Art is the need to translate one’s emotions into expressive forms that encapsulate their content. Artists are well aware of how strong and irresistible the desire to “create” can sometimes be, almost like a need that cannot be satisfied until the flat surface, or the material itself, has finally been transformed.

We know that the use of expressive forms of all kinds is justified in the art world by the impossibility of imposing limits on experimentation, and art history teaches us that, often, evolution has been shaped more by provocation than stylistic practice.
More recent expressive forms of course include digital art, wherein the computer, graphics tablet and mouse replace the paintbrush and the palette.

There is a tendency, in common language, to use the term “digital” to refer to the entire world of computers, the most notable feature of which is repeatability, in contrast with art where uniqueness remains a predominant feature in determining value.
The two worlds may therefore seem incompatible but, if we set aside our prejudices, it becomes clear that digital tools offer a multitude of new expressive opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

Andy Warhol, one of the leading representatives of pop art, said that being able to use current technology when he first embarked on his artistic journey would have opened up not one, but thousands, of creative worlds, each replete with possibility.
And so, in the hands of an artist, digital tools should be regarded in the same way as any other tool or expressive technique.

In her “Digitial_Art” works, Katia Mandelli Ghidini uses her fingers to simulate brushes and a tablet to simulate the canvas, but allows the contribution of traditional material to “seal” the digital work.
The result is a satisfying mix of techniques that proves, once again, that an artist’s creativity cannot be bridled, and its appreciation must not be limited to the mere use of one technique over another.

A sensitive and dynamic artist, Katia has taught us not to take anything for granted, and this time she surprises us with a hugely impactful colourful and emotive collection.

Walter Ghidini